Wedding Videos have come a long way over the years. With the introduction of High Definition video cameras we can now truly capture “moving picture” quality video.

Shooting a wedding video is about much more than capturing static shots of what is going on. A videographers job is to capture the spirit of the day through fluid movements and creative angles. 

A wedding video should be captivating and emotional. This is accomplished with detailed and artistic editing. A wedding video should incorporate the use of great original audio and set to the pace of an appropriate soundtrack.

We take great pride in shooting and editing all our videos to bring your memories to life in a full length video that you will want to watch again and again.

We shoot all our videos with high end professional cameras and microphones to get the best possible picture and sound.

All our videos are filmed in full HD and provided on Blu-ray and DVD.

All our videos are artistically edited to bring your story to life and drive the emotion. We incorporate music into the video where it is appropriate and use original audio for ceremony and speeches.

Our approach to filming is candid and journalistic so we can capture the true story of the day without interfering or being disruptive.

We do enjoy setting up shots and directing some scenes at appropriate times.

If you already have a photographer then we shadow the photographer so there is only one person directing.

Videography Services

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